Intertrading Workx

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7843 RM Erm, the Netherlands

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Who are we ?

Intertrading Workx started life in 1999 as a small importer and distributor for manufacturers working in the shootingsports, military and law enforcement.

We soon speciallized in National and European tenders intermediation for some large European and American manufacturers.

We won and are still participating in tenders in the Netherlands and worked with distributors in Europe for tenders in their country.

Now, 2012, we are representing very prestigious brands like Ghost International, Beretta and SAKO for the Dutch Military and Law Enforcement and have a very solid distributor network in the largest parts of Europe.

We offer only products from a selected range of manufacturers and suppliers who have proven themselves in the past years.

With KiruTex, we have our own manufacturing line of certified and highly acclaimed cut and abrasion resistant material which is already finding it's way to both military/LE as well as Industrial use.

We take pride in the products we offer, the service we give and the close cooperation with the end user of the products.

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